I Love My Breasts

I’ve fallen in love with my breasts. Once they were only added extras, tools to attract male attention. Then they became partners to enhance my orgasms. Now though, I realise they are an important part of me.

My breasts encapsulate my very essence, soft, yielding, giving, nurturing. My erect nipples bring me enticing realisations, cold, excitement, sexual feelings – my nipples are my early warning beacons.

When my nipples come alive, I know to be aware, to be ready for whatever is coming next, because something certainly will occur! My nipples and the rest of me will be up for whatever it is! When pleasure or danger are on my near horizon, my nipples know something is on its way.

My breasts are always there, ready to assist in whatever way they can. They are comforting, alluring, exciting sexual and sensual. My breasts share my day and playing with them gives me pleasure when times are quiet. My breasts share my lover with me when he is ready for fun times.

My breasts are like soft kittens, delighting me with their sweetness and playfulness. I love my breasts – do you love yours?