Ice Princess

Ok, so she’s cold and dead. She still looks damned fine. In a moment I’ll take that cloth off her face and plunge into her mouth.

She won’t suck on my cock, I realise that, but she’s fresh enough still to be wet and I’ll fuck her throat until I can blast her with my cum.

I climb onto the lovely cold one, kneeling over her head and I plunge my eager cock into her waiting mouth. ‘Oh yeah Princess, oh yeah, take it, take it.’

It feels amazing, that cold hole waiting for me, I plunge in and pull out, over and over.

‘Oh my god, alive or dead, doesn’t matter, a hole is a hole and oh, your hole is filled, filled right now. Oh god. Oh fuckin’ god! Take it baby, take it, I’m nearly there.’

I feel my balls tighten. ‘Take it baby, ah! Yeah!’

My cum pumps and pumps down her throat, and I know I’m doing a good thing. Nothing that feels this good can be wrong. I didn’t kill her, I just found her. I found her lying there, face covered and waiting like a newly wed bride. Like she was waiting for me.

She’s mine now, I’ve claimed her! ‘Mine baby, oh, mine. I’m claiming you with my cock! Oh now, oh, now. Now.’

My pumping slows to a tickle, my juices alive and pumped into her lovely mouth. My claim well and truly staked, I pull out, and my semen trickles out of her mouth. I hold a finger to her lips and then wipe my fluids onto her beautiful cold body. Her breasts are cold but still soft, slimed and sexy now with my sex fluids. I’m giving her life, she’s loving me and I find myself rising again.

One woman, lots of places to explore. I’m ready to explore all her caves. Oh yeah, I am so ready!