Kitty’s got a problem

I want to become a lesbian. I have chatted with one online recently and we have become very good friends. I am currently having health issues that have caused my body to refuse to take me to the ‘Big O’, and she (my friend) has been trying to help me get there.

She has done this by talking me through the process, telling me what to do to my body. I have been following her instructions and having a pleasurable time of it, but not an orgasmic time. I get close to it, but I can’t go over the edge to get to what I want.

My lesbian friend has told me that she has had a similar issue in the past, but now has another health issue which makes it quite easy to get to that favoured place – the land of Orgasmia.

Anyway, my friend has suggested I get myself some toys to play with and I am quite keen to do this. I have a couple of issues though with this course of action.

Number one, I can’t even pay my bills in full at the moment, so I don’t think it would be responsible of me to buy myself a new toy, even if it may be the answer to my needs.

Number two, well I can’t remember what the second issue was – perhaps it was this – I don’t know exactly what kind of toy I should get. I’m thinking a clitoral vibrator, with at least two different speeds and probably water proof. I would appreciate any feedback on this issue.

My lack of being able to remember what the second issue was is part of my new illness. Memory and other cognitive issues are not uncommon with the chronic and incurable illness I now have.

Anyway, getting back to my initial item with which I started this discussion. I stated I want to become a lesbian. I would like some feedback on this from my readers too. I have a few things which are in the way of my becoming a lesbian.

The first thing (and I will try to remember all of the things this time) is this – I am married with a husband who I love very much, and who is quite keen to help me with my sexual dysfunction. My becoming a lesbian would be hurtful to him, and I have no desire whatsoever to hurt him.

The second thing is that I live in a small country town, and I am quite well known, so it would probably be a problem if I were to suddenly become a card carrying dyke. It probably wouldn’t go down well with the ladies at either the lawn bowling club, or the Country Woman’s Association.

And now for the final thing. I have looked at lots of pictures and videos of naked ladies, quite a few of them lately, but I just don’t find them sexually exciting. If the said naked ladies are with naked men I get more excited, especially is the men are really buff and in an obvious state of sexual arousal. Further, if there are more that one naked man, and they are playing with each other rather than with the naked lady or ladies, I find that even more arousing.

Seeing such images can make my nipple and clitoris start to tingle and become engorged. This tingling used to be what happened to me before I orgasmed, but sadly, it no longer takes me to that place.

I’m not saying I don’t like these feelings, indeed, I would be a liar if I said that. I love my nipples and clitoris tingling. It’s just that it’s been a couple of months now without an orgasm. Both my lesbian friend and my husband have had orgasms when they are with me (online in the case of my friend, and in bed in the case of my husband). So you can’t say my problem is because I’m not sexy, because those two obviously are able to ‘get it off’ when I am with them.

I am keen to hear from others who may have some ideas to add to this discussion. If you have had simialr issues, and have resloved them I would loveto hear from you. If you use a suitable toy, I would be glad to find out the kind of toy which works for you. If you could give me a few paragraphs describing what you do with it and how it feels, that would be fantastic. I’m sure other readers would be interested to read about it too.

If you are feeling aroused in any way  after reading this post, please give details about what the arousalk does to your body, and what you are doing about it. I am not afraid of other people masturbating, indeed, I would suggest masturbation the best thing to do when you are reading material such as this. If I were alone, I would proably be typing this one handed, if you get me drift!

Anyway, that’s enough about me, I await your feedback. And if you would like to offer me a few pennies to help with my purchase, I would be ever so grateful. Just kidding!


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