Is is Only Me Or Did you Think of This Too?


sometimes I wonder if my mind is perverted, then I think other people might think the same way as me. I saw these trees and wanted to fuck one of them!

Anyway, I encourage others to have a look at this site and see if they thought the same way as I did.  Go on, let your inhibitions go and see if they turn you on – male or female, you could get off with one of these trees! Well I could, anyway!

I’d love to read comments from people – you might think I’m perverted , you might agree with me, whatever way you think, tell me about it! I’ll read and reply.

When I looked at these amazing trees shaped by man, my first thought was Wow, amazing! My second thought was Oh I’d like to fuck one of those, I wonder if they have any really X-rated trees?

And now I’m getting hot at the thought of rubbing my clit against a tree that was specially trained to please me. Oh, yes! The tree would be always ready for me and I would become the most fucking Ardent Tree Hugger ever!

Is that HOT or what? Oh fuck that’s hot!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicholas
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 17:06:42

    I think this does make you perverted. But I say that with the utmost respect and admiration. The world needs more perverts. Humanity would be a lot better off if there were. “Make love not war,” isn’t working so let’s “Try kinkiness, not killing.”

    I don’t get the same reaction from the trees that you do. Maybe it’s a Male/Female thing. You see potential ever-lasting hardness, while I see mans greatest dread. Nothing more soul destroying than throwing down your best moves to please the lay-dee and getting no movement or response. We dudes need to know that our fellow female perverts are having just as much fun as we are or what’s the point?


    • kittycordo
      Oct 15, 2010 @ 07:56:36

      Thank you for your well considered comment Nicholas. Perverted sounds like something bad though. If I actually went around fucking every tree I saw, that would be a problem. Seeing the erotic sensuality in a tree, that is something lovely.

      At the moment, I’m grabbing on to all of the erotic possibilities I see. It’s making my current life truly beautiful, broadening my choices and helping me stay in touch with my basic needs.


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