Same Sex is not the Only Sex

I am a heterosexual married woman. I’ve been playing with lesbianism lately, online, in my head and with my writing. In the flesh though, for me, sexual pleasure is with my husband or by myself.

Having said all of that, I am aware that this website doesn’t indicate that I have any heterosexual experiences or writing to prove it. I wrote a short story recently and I want to share it with you. Please be aware that I am a writer of fiction, and my writing is fictional – made up in my head and typed up for enjoyment! Read on, and feel free to play with yourself as you read it – I’d love to hear about how it made you feel as you read it!

Giving Your All For The Team

It was after the game, a hard fought game of football, played by hardened sportsman. She’d often thought about these [players and what they might look like underneath their footy clothes. It was time to see what was for real.

What she saw before her was even more than she had ever dreamed of.

The men in the room were all naked, with wet and tousled hair and their bodies shone with either sweat from their exertions on the field or from showering after it.


A short story for you

Learning about Maths etc by Kitty Cordeaux

Maths lesson. Lillian used to hate Maths lesson. Now though, ever since she turned 18, it was different. Now classes had a new shine to them, a naughty secret that made Lillian want to be there now.

‘Lillian, are you paying attention?’ came teacher’s voice.

Lillian looked up at Sister, startled but excited.

‘Yes, I was paying attention,’ she said. ‘Shall I do my eight times tables?’

Lillian saw the light in her teacher’s eyes. They both knew what was coming.

‘One times eight is eight, two times eight is sixteen, three times eight is twenty-four. Shall I continue?’ she asked.

‘No,’ said Sister Jean-Marie. ‘You’ve done well, I can see you’ve been practising, thank you.’

‘I’m not  sure I’m good enough for the competition though, Sister,’ said Lillian. ‘Can you test me again?’

‘All right Lillian, we’ll spend sometime after class, it always helps. We have other things to do in class today.’

Lillian smiled at her teacher and the rest of the lesson passed in a golden glow. When the siren went, Lillian stayed behind, and the tingling in her body as she thought about the “lesson” to come grew and grew as she watched the other students leave the room.

Sister Jean-Marie watched the students leave too, then locked the door. She turned and looked at Lillian, who gazed back at her with gleaming eyes.

‘Shall I start now?’ asked Lillian.

‘Yes please,’ said her teacher, as she came and stood next to her student.

‘One times eight is eight, two times eight is sixteen, three times eight is seventy million!’ She looked up and smiled as Sister Jean-Marie swooped down on her.

‘No, wrong! I’ll have to punish you!’ Sister Jean-Marie licked her lips and smiled. ‘Uniform off, and lie down over there.’

Lillian trembled with joy as she walked to the teacher’s desk and took off her school uniform, leaving on her stockings but taking off her bra. She hadn’t worn knickers today, hoping the maths class would end up like this.

‘On my back or my front?’ she asked, hoping for her back. She loved to see Sister Jean-Marie rubbing her breasts through her habit, and hoped her teacher would take off her own clothing too.

‘Lie on your front please Lillian, I want to examine something on your back.’

Lillian lay across the desk on her front. Her teacher had placed a blanket on the desk during class, telling the students it was for “later” without explaining what it was going to be for “later”. Lillian knew though, Lillian had stayed behind maths class many happy times in the year. Her school life had improved vastly since she turned 18.

She didn’t know what it was her teacher wanted to examine, but she knew it would end up very, very well. Her teacher was teaching her wonderful things about the female body.

Sister Jean-Marie rubbed Lillian gently down the length of her spine, from the back of her neck and all the way down. She tickled the base of Lillian’s spine, making the young girl squirm and squeal.

‘Oh please, again!’

The teacher did the same thing again, but stopping partway down and sliding her hand around the girl’s lithe body to cup the breast on the right, tickling the already erect nipple.

‘So nice, soft little titty, naughty nipple,’ she said, pinching then leaning over to kiss the girl on the buttock on the same side.

The girl gave a tiny scream, then moaned at the kiss, which ended with the nun’s tongue licking the students inner thigh.

Lillian moaned again, then raised her hips and slid a finger into her vulva. She pulled her finger out then licked her own juices from it, before plunging her finger in there again, gyrating on the digit and hoping for much, much more.

‘Roll over Lillian, I want to taste that myself.’

The teachers voice was tender and warm and Lillian was more than happy to obey. Her teacher leaned down, kissing Lillian’s flat belly, then licking her way down to Lillian’s most private parts. She licked and licked with her tongue while Lillian squirmed and squealed with pleasure.

‘Oh please, please, don’t stop!’ Lillian could feel the pleasure rising within her belly, and she rubbed both of her budding nipples, teasing slowly then faster as her teacher found her clitoris and sent her to the heavenly place again. She ground her hips into Sister Jean-Marie’s mouth, then came over and over, even better than other times.

The pleasure pulsed through her, from her nipples down to her thighs and all places in between. Lillian felt a flood of elation, and she knew she was wetter than ever before. She shoved two fingers into herself, past her teacher’s mouth, and took them out again and licked, tasting her juices and revelling in the feelings she was getting. Her body shuddered again and again, and she imagined she was feeling God inhabiting her, or something Divine anyway.

Lillian loved maths and she loved her maths teacher. She sat up then and smiled. ‘Oh thank you, Sister, thank you so much, how can I repay you?’ Lillian had gone from hating maths and being stupid with it, to loving it and finally understanding the subject like never before.

‘Lillian, all I ask is that you do well in the maths competition, and that you remember all I have taught you. You know your maths now, and you know how to find pleasure. With me, with another, by yourself, you know what gives you pleasure. Never put up with anything that doesn’t bring you pleasure. This pleasure is your God given right! Do you understand?’

Lillian gazed at her teacher, so wise, so loving. ‘I understand,’ she said. ‘I know what feels right and good. Thank you for your teaching!’

Kitty’s got a problem

I want to become a lesbian. I have chatted with one online recently and we have become very good friends. I am currently having health issues that have caused my body to refuse to take me to the ‘Big O’, and she (my friend) has been trying to help me get there.

She has done this by talking me through the process, telling me what to do to my body. I have been following her instructions and having a pleasurable time of it, but not an orgasmic time. I get close to it, but I can’t go over the edge to get to what I want.

My lesbian friend has told me that she has had a similar issue in the past, but now has another health issue which makes it quite easy to get to that favoured place – the land of Orgasmia.

Anyway, my friend has suggested I get myself some toys to play with and I am quite keen to do this. I have a couple of issues though with this course of action.

Number one, I can’t even pay my bills in full at the moment, so I don’t think it would be responsible of me to buy myself a new toy, even if it may be the answer to my needs.

Number two, well I can’t remember what the second issue was – perhaps it was this – I don’t know exactly what kind of toy I should get. I’m thinking a clitoral vibrator, with at least two different speeds and probably water proof. I would appreciate any feedback on this issue.

My lack of being able to remember what the second issue was is part of my new illness. Memory and other cognitive issues are not uncommon with the chronic and incurable illness I now have.

Anyway, getting back to my initial item with which I started this discussion. I stated I want to become a lesbian. I would like some feedback on this from my readers too. I have a few things which are in the way of my becoming a lesbian.

The first thing (and I will try to remember all of the things this time) is this – I am married with a husband who I love very much, and who is quite keen to help me with my sexual dysfunction. My becoming a lesbian would be hurtful to him, and I have no desire whatsoever to hurt him.

The second thing is that I live in a small country town, and I am quite well known, so it would probably be a problem if I were to suddenly become a card carrying dyke. It probably wouldn’t go down well with the ladies at either the lawn bowling club, or the Country Woman’s Association.

And now for the final thing. I have looked at lots of pictures and videos of naked ladies, quite a few of them lately, but I just don’t find them sexually exciting. If the said naked ladies are with naked men I get more excited, especially is the men are really buff and in an obvious state of sexual arousal. Further, if there are more that one naked man, and they are playing with each other rather than with the naked lady or ladies, I find that even more arousing.

Seeing such images can make my nipple and clitoris start to tingle and become engorged. This tingling used to be what happened to me before I orgasmed, but sadly, it no longer takes me to that place.

I’m not saying I don’t like these feelings, indeed, I would be a liar if I said that. I love my nipples and clitoris tingling. It’s just that it’s been a couple of months now without an orgasm. Both my lesbian friend and my husband have had orgasms when they are with me (online in the case of my friend, and in bed in the case of my husband). So you can’t say my problem is because I’m not sexy, because those two obviously are able to ‘get it off’ when I am with them.

I am keen to hear from others who may have some ideas to add to this discussion. If you have had simialr issues, and have resloved them I would loveto hear from you. If you use a suitable toy, I would be glad to find out the kind of toy which works for you. If you could give me a few paragraphs describing what you do with it and how it feels, that would be fantastic. I’m sure other readers would be interested to read about it too.

If you are feeling aroused in any way  after reading this post, please give details about what the arousalk does to your body, and what you are doing about it. I am not afraid of other people masturbating, indeed, I would suggest masturbation the best thing to do when you are reading material such as this. If I were alone, I would proably be typing this one handed, if you get me drift!

Anyway, that’s enough about me, I await your feedback. And if you would like to offer me a few pennies to help with my purchase, I would be ever so grateful. Just kidding!

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